The victory statue of Thuong Duc.
The victory statue of Thuong Duc. (27/08/2012)
Possessing a large- scale and impressive architecture construction, the Victory statue of Thuong Duc is located in Dai Lanh commune, Dai Loc district, 40km west of Da Nang. This place records the resounding victories of the 340 Division and local troops in the battle against American Imperialists on August 7th 1974.

 Situated in an important location in military strategy, Thuong Duc was changed into a great military base by Americans and their puppets, inlcuding a feeo-concreted tunnel system and many modern weapons-equipped posts. This base is considered as a steel gate protecting Da Nang- one of the largest military areas of American battlefield in Southern Vietnam.

Thuong Duc victory affirmed that Vietnamese troops could defeat the Americans and their puppets in every battle and it was a stepping-stone to attack the final heading to the entire liberation of the southern part.

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