Tam Ky City
Tam Ky City (02/04/2014)
Discover Tam Ky City

Total Area: 92.82 km2

Total Population: 110,700

Population Density: 1,192/km2

Tam Ky is the capital city, the political and educational hub of Quang Nam Province. In addition to the provincial governmental system, main schools of the province, such as the University of Quang Nam, the Economics and Technical College, the Medical College, the Vocational Junior College, the Junior College for Cultural Management, Arts and Tourism, etc. is located in Tam Ky City.

Tam Ky City is 60km southwest of Hoi An Ancient Town. The city itself owns numerous cultural and historical relics. Tam Ky is developing itself towards the east to fully deploy the beauty of Tam Thanh Beach, which is on the coastline from Hoi An Ancient Town to Tam Hai Island in Nui Thanh District.   

Read more: http://tamky.quangnam.gov.vn

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