Old parents with 6 mentally ill children in need
Old parents with 6 mentally ill children in need (17/04/2014)
Tran Van Thiet (born in 1954) and his wife (born in 1961) live in Binh Hai Commune of Thang Binh District; their family is year after year at the bottom of the local poor household list.

Main income of this poor family always comes from Mr. Thiet as a fisherman. He is now, however, too old to work at sea. He can only do some easy low-paid work because he is weaker and weaker by the time. Whatsoever, he and his wife have to take care of their six children with mental illness, who need someone looking at them all the time.

Although their children got social support under the policy of disabled people, their family still faces many difficulties and in great need of help.

Please contact the editorial board of the official website of Quang Nam Province for further information and donation:

Address: No. 50 Hung Vuong Street, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province

Tel: 0510.3818333; Fax: 0510.3811750

Email: cttdtqnam@gmail.com

Bank account: 007444020001 at the Tam Ky Branch of Dong A Bank

Law and Life Newspaper - April 16, 2014

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