Set of tourism product from Cham island red sycamore
Set of tourism product from Cham island red sycamore (04/01/2016)
A set of tourism products from the red sycamore growing on Cham islands has just been presented by the Hoi An city People’s Committee (Quang Nam province).

These products included foods, souvenirs,  cosmetics  such as cakes, cooking oil, roasted seeds, hammocks, bags, swings, cream…. They will affirm the value of Cham island red sycamore and promote Cham island tourism in particular and Hoi An tourism in general.The red sycamore (scientific name Firmiana colorata R.Br) are endemic species of Cham Island in the list of Vietnam heritage trees.

For generations, the red sycamore has used in life, including famous sycamore sagging and high nutrient seds…

The red sycamore can give signals for seasons changing in the year. When its leaves become yellow and fall, summer is coming. Its flowers are flourishing in autumn. Its fruit is ripe and falling when the dry season ends.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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