24 communes regconized to get national health service standards
24 communes regconized to get national health service standards (17/02/2017)
On February 16th, PPC recognized 24 communes, wards and town of 14 districts to get national health service standards at Decision No. 485/QĐ-UBND.

They are: Phu Thinh town (Phu Ninh district), Tam Anh Nam commune, Tam Tra commune, Tam My Tay commune (Nui Thanh district), Binh Trieu commune, Binh Tri commune (Thang Binh district), Duy Chau commune (Duy Xuyen district), Dien Nam Bac ward (Dien Ban district), Que Trung commune, Que Ninh commune (Que Son district), Que Luu commune, Binh Son commune, Hiep Hoa commune (Hiep Duc district), Tien Ky town (Tie Phuoc district), Tra Nu commune (Bac Tra My district), Tra Mai commune, Tra Don commune (Bac Tra My district), Phuoc Cong commune, Phuoc Hoa commune, Phuoc Chanh commune (Phuoc Son district), Xa Po commune, Zuoi commune (Nam Giang district), Ating commune (Dong Giang district), Cho Om commune (Tay Giang district).

PPC required Director of the Department of Health to be responsible for directing Health Centers of districts, communes, towns in collaboration with revelant units to maintain and enhance the results.

These regconized communes will be available for 3 years. If the next years these communes can’t get standards, they will be withdrawed the title.



Translator: Nhat Ha

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