The first class of Lao language in Tay Giang
The first class of Lao language in Tay Giang (20/09/2017)
The first Lao class has been held for civil servants of Tay Giang district (Quang Nam province) to meet the demand of communication in the border area between Tay Giang and two districts of Laos, Ka Lum and Dac Chung.

The first class of Lao language started in the early of September. 40 civil servants are getting excited about taking part in the class. They study Lao in order to communicate to the Lao people along the Vietnam-Laos border in exchanges of culture and trade, and to ensure the security and sovereignty of the border area.

Therefore, the class of Lao language has a great significance. It helps facilitate diplomatic affairs between Vietnam and Laos, especially in the shared border area. Thereby, the close friendship is tightened between these two peoples, contributing to the economic development in the border area, building the solidarity and friendship between Tay Giang, Ka Lum and Dac Chung districts.

The Lao class will last 6 months. It is taken by the University of Quang Nam.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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