Vocational training for over 200 disabled people
Vocational training for over 200 disabled people (08/10/2017)
On September 29, the Quang Nam Association of People with Disabilities held an exchange programme between local disabled people’s production groups who are receiving the support from the project on empowering people with disabilities through employment funded by the Republic of Ireland and APheda.
At the event, representatives of these groups exchanged the results of the project implemented in 7 districts, towns and cities in the province, including: Tam Ky, Dien Ban, Dai Loc, Duy Xuyen, Hiep Duc, Thang Binh and Nui Thanh. Besides, they openly shared their difficulties and inadequacies. At the same time, they wanted to connect with related departments to find ways to overcome difficulties, maintain and develop the activities of production groups after the project ends.
Over the past 5 years of operation (2012-2017), 16 production groups have been established. Over 200 disabled people receiving vocational training such as playing funeral music; making votive papers, incenses, brooms and raincoats; wood carving have been employed with their stable incomes from a few hundred thousand to several million dong a month.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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