Hoi An: An eco-city
Hoi An: An eco-city (10/10/2017)
Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) is planned to become an eco-city in the period of 2017-2019. The plan aims at raising people’s and enterprises’ awareness and responsibility for environmental protection.

The project helps everyone in the city become aware of the effects of waste on the living environment, encouraging them to minimize the waste volume in the city, towards building Hoi An as a cultural tourist eco-city, creating an environmentally friendly business community here.

During 2017-2018 period, the project aims to publish “White book of waste”. 100% enterprises comply with city’s regulations on environmental protection. 85% thoroughly classify garbage. 100% solid waste is collected, moving and handled.

During the second period, the project will collect big solid waste in the city. Over 5% of organic waste is used to produce compost right at the site, reducing waste into the environment.  Over 10% waste from homes of enterprises are reused.  There is no waste on the sidewalks, roads, curbs affecting the tourism activities and the urban environment.

The project plans some key tasks such as: Promoting propaganda of raising awareness for communities, businesses, and organizations in the city; enhancing waste collection; making encouragement policies of environmental protection...

Translator: Nhat Ha

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