Tam Ky: Scholarships for disadvantaged students
Tam Ky: Scholarships for disadvantaged students (12/10/2017)
The Study Encouragement Association of Tam Ky City has granted 504 scholarships worth 280 million VND to disadvantaged students, poor and near poor in the city.

In which, 400 scholarships is for students of primary schools and secondary schools worth 500.000 VND per one.
 100 ones for students of high schools worth 700.000 VND per one; 4 ones for universities students worth 2.5 million VND per one.

This is the second time that Chairman of Panko Corporation, South Korea  Choi Young Joo sponsored scholarships for Tam Ky students. With these scholarships, students can continue their learning road. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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