Regulations on “Ngoc Linh” Geographical Indication
Regulations on “Ngoc Linh” Geographical Indication (28/11/2017)
PPC issued regulations on using “Ngoc Linh” Geographical Indication (GI) ginseng products of Quang Nam province in Decision No. 3957 / QĐ-UBND dated November 9th, 2017.

These regulations aim to ensure the rights of using Ngoc Linh GI, prevent and deal illegal uses of Ngoc Linh GI. At the same time, these regulations also ensure Ngoc Linh ginseng products to meet conditions of origin, quality, preservations and development of Ngoc Linh GI.

The product which has “Ngoc Linh” GI is Panax Vietnamensis Ha et Grushv. It has pecific characteristics and properties published under the Decision No. 3235 / QĐ-SHTT dated August 16th 2016.

The regulations stated violations as following:

- Using “Ngoc Lin” GI for the products without certificates of the Department of Science and Technology

- Using any signs that are identical or similar to “Ngoc Linh” GI or using “Ngoc Linh” name for the products from non-originated ginseng products.

- Organizations or individuals continues using “Ngoc Linh” GI after bankrupt, dissolved or expelled.

- Transferring the right of using “Ngoc Linh” GI to other establishments without the consent of the competent authorities.

- Taking advantage of the "Ngoc Linh" CDRD for ginseng products in commercial fraud

- Usingtamps, logos and technical specifications not in accordance with the license to use the "Ngoc Linh" GI for ginseng products.

The establishments violate the regulations on management and use of “Ngoc Linh” GI causing damage to consumers or society will be handled according to the provisions oF law. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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