Quang Nam Homestay Association established
Quang Nam Homestay Association established (22/12/2017)
The Quang Nam Homestay Association under the Quang Nam Tourism Association was officially launched on December 19 with 79 members.
Quang Nam currently has about 270 homestays, mainly distributed in Hoi An city and some other places such as Dien Ban, Duy Xuyen, Tam Ky, Nui Thanh, Dong Giang, Nam Giang... In Hoi An, the number now is 256 with more than 1,011 rooms (accounting for 53.44% of total accommodations). In addition, there are 66 other homestays with 263 rooms that will soon come into operation.
Several homestays in Quang Nam have worked as a local typical tourism product, contributing to the promotion of local cultural and natural values. However, most of them ran individually, lacking connections that resulted in some bad effects on the local tourism.
Therefore, the Quang Nam Homestay Association was born in order to solve the shortcomings of local homestay services, improve their quality and comparativeness, protect their legitimate rights, make connections between homestays, homestays and management agencies, tour operators, hotels, resorts and handicraft villages... for the sustainable development of local homestay accommodations and tourism.
The Executive Board of the Quang Nam Homestay Association for the term of 2017- 2022 consists of Mr. Le Ngoc Thuan (Chairman), Mr. Nguyen Dung and Ms. Huynh Thi Mai (Vice Chairman), Mr. Pham Van Tuan (Vice President and General Secretary) and 5 others.

Source: Baoquangnam.com.vn

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