Tet holidays in Hoi An
Tet holidays in Hoi An (26/02/2018)
With a vacation in Hoi An on Tet holiday, you will not feel alone during the first few days of the new year as the thoughtfulness of Hoi An ancient town naturally embraces you.
On Tet holiday, come to Hoi An ancient town to walk along the streets, which ‘curves as a bow curves’, and feel both the aroma and smoke of fragrant incenses on your shirt. In the lanes, where the exchange of Heaven and Earth is carried out in much the same manner as that of a gathering of unintelligible pubescent girls, are mysteries that lie in the morning fog and playing winds.
Everything is new and bright. In addition to decorating their houses and buying things to offer to their ancestors, Hoi An’s people are interested in apricot flower, the flower that reflects a beautiful spring. When the heaven and earth meets, all pagodas and communal houses in Hoi An ring their bells to welcome a new year. It is a sacred moment of boundless connectivity between souls.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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