The 3rd Hoi An International Food Festival 2018
The 3rd Hoi An International Food Festival 2018 (15/03/2018)
From 11 to 17 March 2018, at An Hoi Statue Garden, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, Hoi An International Food Festival 2018 is organized by People’s Committee of Hoi An City in coordination with Hoi An Culinary Event Ltd., Co.
Present in this festival will be 12 famous chefs around the world  such as David Sosson (France), Michellin - Patrick Jeffroy (U.S), Mauricio Armendáris Carrasco, representatives from 12 best restaurants in Hoi An city and Duy Tan University (Da Nang city).
During 7 days of the festival, the chefs will experience many interesting activities of cooking such as buying materials in Hoi An market, making traditional food of their countries, visiting vegetable villages, take part in a food forum with world food experts.
In addition, tourists visiting Hoi An on these days can enjoy the food  at 12 stalls from 12 different countries. There are also street arts and carnival on March 13.
The festival is the opportunity to promote and affirm the culture – tourism brand of Hoi An City to domestic and foreign visitors, at the same time is the chance for local chefs to exchange experiences with world-class chefs, thereby contributing to improving their professional qualification, quality of dishes and services.
In addition to chefs of 12 restaurants in Hoi An City, this year’s festival has the attendances of Chairman of World Association of Chefs’ Societies and 12 famous chefs from Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, Cook Islands, Japan, China, Ecuador, France and Italy.
The opening ceremony of the festival took place in the evening on 13 March 2018 with many special activities. Coming to the festival, visitors are immersed in the culinary space at the booths of each country, experience the program of sightseeing and buying food materials at Hoi An Market; take part in culinary forum; visit Tra Que Vegetable Village; experience spa service by natural aromatherapy of Hoi An, etc.
The highlight of this year’s festival is every night, one typical chef of each country chosen by Chairman of World Association of Chefs’ Societies will perform and process the specific dish at the “Big Dish” Area.
Hoi An International Food Festival 2018 will contribute to promoting and affirming the brand of Hoi An cuisine, whereby attracting more visitors to World Cultural Heritage – Hoi An.


Translator: Nhat Ha

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