Quang Nam to issue the tourism code of conduct
Quang Nam to issue the tourism code of conduct (29/09/2018)
On September, Vice Chairman Tran Van Tan chaired a meeting to discuss the code of conduct in tourism.
The Code of Conduct for Tourism include general norms for the purpose of behavioral orientation, civilized habits and manners of organizations and individuals participating in tourism activities in Quang Nam. 
The Code of Conduct for Tourism includes 3 chapters: General Provision, Contents of the Code, Implementation. 
The code of conduct requires tourists to comply with rules, guides and travel sign; respect the city’s culture, customs, and traditions and avoid damaging public assets and tourism spots.
Individuals and organizations working in the tourism industry are asked to respect vacationers and treat them with friendly and hospitable attitude. They must be honest and helpful to tourists.
Local residents must be respectful and enthusiastic when in contact with visitors and not destroy the city’s nature or tourist attractions.
At the meeting, participants provided specific comments on each part. 
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Tan said that the code of conduct for tourism is necessary and important in order to guide behavior, attitudes and manners of civilized behavior to tourists in Quang Nam, Organizations and individuals engaged in the tourism business in Quang Nam; local residents.
Mr. Tan assigned the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism to receive comments from participants in this meeting and finalize the Code of Conduct for  Tourism, which encourge positive behaviors with clear slogans...

Translator: Nhat Ha

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