100 billion VND to be invested in A Păng hot spring
100 billion VND to be invested in A Păng hot spring (09/10/2018)
PPC has just approved the project of constructing A Pang hot spring in Song Kon commune, Dong Giang district, which is invested by Phu Son Clean Agricultural Invesment Joint Stock Company.
A Păng hot spring covers an area of 44.43ha with sites such as: operating area, guesthouse staff, guard house, parking lot, display and souvenir shop; Community activities, spa, swimming pool, hot bath, mud bath, restaurant, coffee; food court; Exploring caves, fishing, fire camps, medicinal gardens; Bungalows and resort villas. The total investment capital is 100 billion VND.
From April 2019 to December 2019, some parts will be constructed such as: suspension bridge, building center, work, dining area, souvenir shop, Bungalow, a spillway from A Pang spring into mineral baths and fish ponds. 
In the second phase, te resort and care for elders including a guesthouse, spa, relaxation area, medicinal area, build fish ponds will be built. 
The A Pang hot spring will serve tourists in the shopping, healthcare, and specialties of Quang Nam

Translator: Nhat Ha

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