Quang Nam to celebrate the 20th anniversary of UNESCO's recognition
Quang Nam to celebrate the 20th anniversary of UNESCO's recognition (22/10/2018)
Quang Nam will celebrate the 20th anniversary of UNESCO's recognition of My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An Ancient Town as World Cultural Heritage and the 10th anniversary of the World Biosphere Reserve Cham Island.
Celebration activities are organized in May, September and December in Tam Ky, Hoi An and Duy Xuyen such as the 20th Anniversary ceremony of Hoi An and My Son as UNESCO's heritages (December 4th, 1999 0 December 4th 2019), the 10th anniversary ceremony of the World Biosphere Cham Island (May 26th, 2009 - May 26th, 2009), the conference "Assessment of conservation and promotion cultural values of Hoi An, My son and Cham Island", the conference "The Role of the Community in the Preservation and Promotion of the World Cultural Heritage of My Son, Hoi An", launching  Indochina Heritage Road tours; art exhibition...
In addition, Hoi An will organize some activities such as a photo exhibition "Hoi An cultural heritage - 20 years of conservation and development", displaying traditional handicraft products, an exhibition of Hoi An book, the conference of establishing the World Heritage Club in Vietnam; publishing  bilingual books of Hoi An cultural heritage; art performances. Duy Xuyen will organize an art performance themed "My SOn - An Everlasting Heritage", a workshop "enterprises with heritages", activities of propaganda, arts and environmental protection and so on. 
Some activities will be organized by enterprises such as Miss Heritage 2019" in May 2019 in Hoi An, Demonstration and parade of ancient cars in September 2019 at the site of Hoi An - Dien Ban - Duy Xuyen, olf Tournament in September 2019 in Hoi An; Announced presentation of Contemporary Art "Legend of the American Champa" in December 2019 in Hoi An, My Son.
This celebration aims to evaluate the achievements in preserving and promoting the value of Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary over 20 years, and the World Biosphere Reserve Cham Island for 10 years, which helps to introduce outstanding values of Hoi An, My Son, and Cham Island to people and tourists. These activities also contribute to raising awareness and responsibility of the community for the preservation of cultural and natural heritage in the integration period.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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