Quang Nam reviews PAR index in 9 months
Quang Nam reviews PAR index in 9 months (28/10/2018)
On October 19th, Chairman Dinh Van Thu chaired a meeting on reviewing PAR indicators in 9 months and key tasks for the coming time. Attendees included Vice Chairman Tran Van Tan and leaders of departments, boards and agencies.
Reported by the Department of Home Affairs, in the first 9 months, Quang Nam has paid much attention to administrative reform. 
In order to complete the system of policies and machanism, Quang Nam has issued 9 legal documents such as the regulation on the organization of the auction land use rights, the regulation on the minimum area to be split for agricultural land other than residential land in the province.
To administrative reform, Quang Nam has issued 5 decisions approving the simplification of administrative procedures in the fields of agriculture and rural areas; land; people with merit; civil; Industry and trade;...Due to effective one-stop service in the Administration Center, the administrative procedures were soluted more quickly. 
To the modernization of administration, the Department of Information and Communication completed installing the software of document management, set up electronic one-stop in 9 districts out of 18 districts. The total of administration records in 9 first months is 5,282. 
However, the administrative reform in Quang Nam still has shortcomings that affected to PAR index 2018. Quang Nam has had issued many direction documents on administrative reform but the implementation in localities has not been effective and serious. 
At the meeting, participants suggested some key solutions and tasks to improve the quality in the Public Administration Center at all levels, strongly implement IT application that serving PAR,...
Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Dinh Van Thu asked departments, boards, and localities to analyze and assess shortcomings in PAR and suggest solutions to overcome, enhance IT application, connect document management software at 3 levels to replace written documents...

Translator: Nhat Ha

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