Quang Nam hold a workshop "Journalism in the Industry 4.0"
Quang Nam hold a workshop "Journalism in the Industry 4.0" (13/11/2018)
On November 9th, Quang Nam Journalist Association held the workshop themed "Journalism in the Industry 4.0". Mr. Le Van Nhi, Chairman of Quang Nam Journalist Association, Editor-in-chief of Quang Nam Newspaper chaired the workshop.
Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Le Van Nhi said that Industry 4.0 has step by step influenced to Vietnam journalism on organizing, operation, and effectiveness for the past 10 years. With technology support, the process of publishing articles is faster. Technology helps journalism to approach readers more directly, faster and more broadly; to better collect and verify information...However, to catch up with this development, the journalism agencies need to continually invest in, renovate infrastructure, technology, train and re-train the human resources...
At the workshop, participant discussed some topics, including Journalists and social networks, Online newspapers in the modern trend, Quang Nam television in the industry 4.0, Requirements on qualification, skills of the modern journalists, the role of district television in the industry 4.0...They also shared their experiences in order to build a team of journalists and press agencies to adapt their professional activities and maintain their professional ethics.

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