Quang Nam Tourism Award to hold
Quang Nam Tourism Award to hold (20/11/2018)
Quang Nam Tourism Award is held every five years on the occasion of Vietnam Tourism Day (July 9).The first organization will b held on July 9, 2020.
Quang Nam has just issued the regulations on organizing Quang Nam Tourism Award, which specify subjects, conditions for selection, the structure of awards...
Quang Nam Tourism Awards aims to select and honor the tourism enterprises and service providers, who contribute actively to the development of Quang Nam tourism; promote emulation movement, constantly improving the quality of services; develop tourism as a spearhead economic sector of Quang Nam; provide tourists with better tourism.
The organizations in tourism, services in Quang Nam can participate in this award. 
The participants must meet the requirements as following: 
- Time of operation must be more than 24 months. 
- The facilities, equipment, and services  must meet the current standards
- The management staff must friendly, enthusiastic and satisfied
- Ensuring safety for laborers
- Ensuring safety and property for tourists
- Well implement the regulations on the prevention and combat of social evils, fire prevention..
- Ensure food hygiene and safety
- Strictly comply with the provisions of the law on taxation, finance, and insurance for laborers and other relevant regulations
- Having no complaints from tourists;
- Not be dissolved or bankrupt at the time of award presentation;
 Having a list of prices and selling prices not exceeding the posted prices.
For the awards on cuisines, there are some additional requirements: They must have a clear origin; No case of food poisoning. 
The awards include: 2 travel prizes (The best international travel business and the best domestic travel business), 7 accommodation prizes (The best 5-star hotel, the best 4-star hotel, the best 3-star hotel, the best 2-star hotel, the best 1-star hotel, the best villa, the best homestay) , a cuisine prizes for the best restaurant and a shopping prize for the best store. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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