Preserve and promote the values of intangible heritage Bai Choi
Preserve and promote the values of intangible heritage Bai Choi (21/11/2018)
QQuangNam issued the plan No. 6202/KH-UBND to preserve and promote the values of intangible heritage Bai Choi in the period 2019-2025.
The plan aims to promote, raise the awareness of Bai Choi Choi preservation and promotion, popularize Bai Choi intangible heritage, maintain and develop Bai Choi clubs.  
The plan includes 12 tasks: 
- Investigate, collect and document the information about Bai Choi art in Quang Nam, including Bai choi artists, Bai choi clubs, research works, demonstration equipment and so on. 
- Preserve and promote the performance of the folk groups/folk songs and folk artists.
- Create conditions for operation of Bai choi clubs
- Organize Bai choi performance programs in the province
- Hold training courses for Bai choi artists, clubs/groups, vocal teachers who can perform Bai choi art. 
- Prepare records for awarding "meritorious artists" and "People's artists".
- Finalizing the digitization of the database of Bai Choi
- Research, restoration of the works, tunes and performances of Bai Choi
- Publish information on the value of Bai Choi on the Provincial Portal. 
- Develop a project to bring Bai Choi into education at schools
- Link Bai Choi with tourism activities to promote the value of the heritage. 
- Organize Bai Choi performance programs at external cultural events of the province.
PPC assigned departments, localities to deploy solution such as promoting and raising the awareness of preserving and promoting the value of intangible cultural heritage Bai Choi in the community; maintain and develop activities of Bai Choi clubs; investigate and collect documents of Bai Choi; teach and train young generations on Bai Choi...

Translator: Nhat Ha

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