Model of cooperative economy
Model of cooperative economy (30/11/2018)
A training course in the cooperative economy started in Tam Ky city on November 27. It was given by the Management Board of the Green Annamites project in Quang Nam and the Netherlands’ Agriterra agricultural development support organization.
The course was open for about 40 members including leaders and founders of all the cooperatives and cooperative groups in Dong Giang, Tay Giang, Nam Giang, Tien Phuoc, Hiep Duc and Nong Son districts. During the  course (November 27- 30), the participants are provided with the basic knowledge of the ways to establish and operate the new cooperative model under the Law on Cooperatives in 2012; the skills of drawing up manufacturing and business strategies,  selecting potential sectors; the ways of building brands, investment cooperation, trade promotion and product advertising.


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