Chu Lai Open Economic Zone announces the planning adjustment
Chu Lai Open Economic Zone announces the planning adjustment (18/12/2018)
On December 16th, the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and leaders of the Party, the Government, ministries and Quang Nam province attended the announcement of the planning adjustment of the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone and the 15th anniversary ceremony of the Chu Lai OEZ establishment.
Chu Lai OEZ which was established under the Decision No.  108/2003/QĐ-TTg on June 5th 2003, the Decision No. 43/2004/QĐ-TTg on March 23rd 2004 now covers an area of 27,040 ha of Nui Thanh district and Tam Ky city (Quang Nam province). 
After 15 years of establishment, Chu Lai OEZ invested in constructing 4 industrial parks, attracted 22 projects with total investment of 45,000 billion VND (1.9 billion USD). There are now 158 projects licensed here with a total registered capital of VND 94 trillion (equivalent to over USD4.5 billion), of which 111 projects have been put into operation. 
At the ceremony, the Minister of Construction announced the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1737/QĐ-TTg on December 13th 2018 on the zone’s master planning. 
The new OEZ will cover 27,000ha of Tam Kỳ City, Núi Thành and Thăng Bình districts. The new zone will include seven industrial parks on 4,950ha; four ports and logistics centre; four urban zones and a 4,300ha high-tech farm.
Chu Lai Airport will be upgraded to host 5 million tourists and 5 million tonnes of cargo a year, while Kỳ Hà Port will be upgraded to host 50,000 DWT (deadweight tonnage) cargo ships.
The four urban zones in the OEZ are set to accommodate a population of 500,000 in 2050
Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong - President of THACO informed some achievements of THACO for the past 15 years. After 15 years of establishment, THACO has become one of the biggest enterprises in Vietnam in manufacturing, assembling and distributing automobiles of international brands such as Kia, Mazda, Peugeot, BMW, Bus. THACO has constructed a complex of automotive mechanics covering an area of 400 ha, including 30 companies, creating jobs for more than 8,000 laborers. THACO has contributed to Quang Nam's budget more than 70,000 billion VND, accounting for 65%-70% of the provincial annual budget. 
Thaco will expand its automobile mechanical complex, aiming at increasing localization ratio of made-in-Việt Nam car to 40 percent for export, and will also build a farm produce processing plant with the firm Hoàng Anh Gia Lai.
PM Phúc praised the contribution of Chu Lai OEZ in helping Quang Nam from a poor State budget contributor at about VNĐ120 billion (US$10 million) in 1997 to VNĐ23 trillion ($1 billion) now. Chu Lai OEZ and THACO has played an important role in this success. 
He asked the zone and the province should plan long-term policies and improve forecasts in terms of market and investment to lure multinational groups to the zone.
PM Phuc also urged the province, department and Stage agencies to enhance administrative reform to aid investors and offer preferential policies to attract technology transfer and high-quality workers. 
According to Prime Minister Phuc, it is necessary to create more favourble conditions for businesses in Chu Lai OEZ such as encouragement of innovation and creation, improvement of business climate and national competitive ability, simplification of administrative procedures. Based on this adjustment, the Chu Lai OEZ will become a center of tourism, services, industry, logistics, agriculture, automobile, automobile supporting, textile and garment, gas and power, hi-tech application.
* Also on the morning of December 16th, PM attended the opening ceremony of 
the railway flyover roundabout among 1A Highway and North -South Railway which has a total capital investment of 600 billion VND invested by THACO in the celebration of 15th Chu Lai OEZ establishment. The the railway flyover roundabout is put into operation on schedule, ensures the quality, contributes to complete transportation networks, creates a driving force to economic development. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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