Socio-economic development tasks of Quang Nam in 2019
Socio-economic development tasks of Quang Nam in 2019 (18/01/2019)
PPC held an online conference about socio-economic development plan in 2019.
According to the world economic forecast, in 2019, the regional economy will continue recovering but still having many complicated and unpredictable problems. Quang Nam's economy has maintained a good growth rate, stable socio-politics. However, technical infrastructure and social infrastructure are not synchronized, quality of human resources, low labor productivity, limited technical capacity, climate change in harsh directions, natural disasters and epidemics. 
Accordingly, in 2019, Quang Nam will focus on 3 key tasks, including developing synchronous infrastructure, improving the investment environment and developing human resources. Effectively implement economic restructuring associated with transforming growth models, improving growth quality, labor productivity and competitiveness. Promote science and technology applications; encourage entrepreneurship, business development and new cooperatives. Effectively implement national target programs on new rural construction and sustainable poverty reduction; policies on agricultural and rural development, mountainous economy and society. Improve people's life, ensure social security; preserve and promote cultural values, improve the quality of education and health. Effectively response to climate change; actively preventing natural disasters; strengthen state management of natural resources and environmental protection; ensuring food safety and hygiene. Improving the effectiveness of administrative reform and e-government construction. Ensuring national defense and maintaining political security and social order and safety in the area.
Quang Nam will strive to achieve main targets: (1) Gross domestic product (GRDP) increased by 7-7.5% compared to 2018; (2) Total social investment capital accounts for 30% of GRDP; (3) Try to reach and exceed the target of central budget revenue assigned in 20194) Striving to have 13 new rural communes; (5) Striving to reduce over 5,000 poor households; (6) The rate of trained workers reaches 62%; (7) Number of patient beds reaches 37 beds / ten thousand people ; (8) The proportion of under-5-year-old children with underweight malnutrition remains below 11%; (9) The proportion of the population participating in health insurance reaches 93%; (10) Forest coverage rate reaches 57.7%; (11) Proportion of rural population using clean water is 93.8%;(12) Proportion of urban population using clean water is 77%; (13) The rate of municipal solid waste collected is 90%; (14) Completing 100% of the target of joining the military. 
To complete the tasks, Quang Nam set out 9 major solution groups in 2019. 
(1) Implementing the economic restructuring plan under the direction of the Government: restructuring economy associated with sustainable growth; improving labor productivity and competitiveness of the economy; improving the efficiency of state-owned enterprises after equitization; promoting and effectively implementing investment projects; Continue to restructure the agricultural sector in the direction of improving added value and sustainable development, producing high quality goods, applying science and technology;  increasing investment in infrastructure systems of industrial parks, clusters and Chu Lai OEZ; developing mechanical engineering industry for automobile assembly.
(2) Promoting production and business: supporting innovation, creativity and start-up businesses; effectively implementing the tasks and solutions to improve the business investment environment; Focusing on the implementation of compensation, site clearance and resettlement; encourging enterprises to invest in agriculture and rural areas. 
(3) Implementing the master plan of socio-economic development to 2020, vision to 2030: planning zones in the whole province; developing communication infrastructure; Speeding up and completing key projects; developing  the system of industrial parks, economic zones and urban infrastructure systems; improving the investment environment in order to maximizing the mobilization of resources, improving the provincial competitiveness index;  improving the satisfaction index of organizations, people and businesses for the administrative reform; synchronously implementing human resource development solutions, focusing on developing high-quality human resources, creating new jobs and actively restructuring labor.
(4) Promoting diversification of forms of mobilization, creating capital sources for development investment: Focusing on state capital for key infrastructure projects; Creating favorable conditions to attract FDI projects; Focusing on investing in key and breakthrough projects with high and sustainable ability to create motivation for development; Effectively managing and using investment capital sources.
(5) Focusing on investment in socio-economic development in rural and mountainous areas: effectively implement the Resolution No. 16-NQ / TW dated October 10, 2017;  effectively implement Resolution No. 05-NQ / TU dated August 17, 2016 ; Effectively implementing mechanisms and policies on investment in agriculture and rural areas; simplifying investment procedures and procedures; Promoting the development of high-tech agriculture, organic agriculture, clean agriculture, garden economy, farm economy, concentrated husbandry and aquaculture development; Focusing on promoting and implementing groups of projects to improve the economic efficiency of forests, exploiting products under forest canopy;  implementing comprehensively, comprehensively and effectively programs and projects on sustainable poverty reduction. 
(6) Effectively managementing and using of natural resources and minerals and environmental protection: proactively preventing and combating natural disasters and coping with climate change. ; strictly implementing Resolution No. 06-NQ / TU, November 4, 2016 on strengthening the management and protection of forests and mineral resources and Resolution No. 09-NQ / TU, dated 27/12 / 2016 of the Provincial Party Committee on environmental management and protection; Focusing on leading and directing environmental issues in industrial zones and clusters; Strengthening the management and protection of forests and mineral resources. 
(7) Well implement the target of socio-cultural development: promoting the effective implementation of Resolution No. 11-NQ / TU dated April 25, 2017 of the Provincial Party Committee on fundamental and comprehensive renewal of education and training in Quang Nam province by 2020; Strengthen management of cultural, artistic and festival activities; Continuing to take care of the development of education, especially in mountainous and extremely difficult areas; developing human resources according to economic restructuring; investing in upgrading hospitals, regional polyclinics and medical stations to meet the needs of medical examination and treatment;  promptly removing problems of payment for medical examination and treatment for people with health insurance cards. 
(8) Promoting administrative reform: Continuing to effectively implement the Resolution No. 03-NQ / TU dated April 27, 2016 of the Provincial Party Committee on promoting administrative reform and Conclusion No. 50-KL / TU dated July 19, 2016 on staff streamlining; implementing, creating breakthroughs in administrative procedure reform and implementing one-door, one-stop-shop, one-stop-shop mechanism; promoting the application of information technology in job settlement transactions; improving the satisfaction index of organizations, people and businesses for the administrative apparatus.
(9)  Strengthening internal affairs, strengthen foreign affairs: Enhancing the role, responsibility, pioneering and exemplary role of party committees, party organizations, authorities and cadres, party members; resolving complaints and denunciations, especially cases of petitioning; Directing and coordinating to solve in time problems arising in the process of executing the conclusions after inspection; strengthening inspection. 
Chairman Dinh Van Thu assigned all localites to actively to  make their plans, balance the budget to perform tasks. The most important is to strengthen the responsibility of investors, local authorities, strengthen control in bidding, disbursement, construction progress, site clearance, development of synchronous infrastructure, improve the environment investment, human resource development, social security, proactively responding to climate change, tightening resource management, environmental protection and establishing budget revenue and expenditure. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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