THACO to increase 25% automobile assembly and production in 2019
THACO to increase 25% automobile assembly and production in 2019 (29/01/2019)
In the conference for 2019 plans, THACO announced to increase 25% automobile assembly and production in 2019.
In 2019, THACO will start the fourth investment cycle which aims to "Enhance competitiveness in automobile production", "Deploy multi-sectoral strategy" to take THACO Chu Lai to become the industrial zone - urban area with various of activities including: Engineering and Automotive, Investment in transport infrastructure construction - Urban - Industrial, Logistics, Agriculture, Trade and Services. 
To implement the above strategy, THACO invested to expand Mechanical and Automotive Industrial Park to 126 ha, increasing the total area to 335 ha and divided into 2 subdivisions: Subdivision of Manufacturing and Assembling factories assembling cars with an area of 198 ha; Division of Mechanical Group and factories producing spare parts on an area of 137 ha. At the same time, THACO also adjusted the mechanical and automobile production model in Chu Lai in 3  activities, including automobile assembly and production activities; manufacturing and trading components - automotive parts; Mechanical (construction, agriculture and industrial equipment).
Regarding automobile production, THACO will produce and assemble 106,143 cars, up 25% to 2018, including 74,968 passenger cars; 29,125 bus trucks and 2,050 straw shirts.
Regarding logistics, Thaco Chu Lai will invest in expanding Chu Lai port into a deep-water port to receive ships of up to 50,000 tons; develop Chu Lai port as a leading central logistics service center with adequate infrastructure to meet the needs of storage, export, and domestic distribution ...
Regarding construction investment, Thaco will invest and upgrade factories according to the fourth investment cycle in Chu Lai with a total disbursement value of about VND 3,578 billion, up 34% compared to 2018. 
It is expected that Thaco Chu Lai will pay VND 17,350 billion to Quang Nam budget in 2019, up 12% to 2018. 
Speaking at the conference, Mr. Tran Ba Duong - Thaco's Chairman said that THACO has developed a development strategy after 2018 with a vision of "Become into a multidisciplinary Industrial Group" . 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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