THACO official starts new year
THACO official starts new year (13/02/2019)
On February 11th, more than 8,400 workers of THACO started production and determined to exceed the 2019 production and business plan.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Ba Duong - Chairman of THACO sent the message at the beginning of new year: "THACO - Developing with the country" and "The spirit of contribution and dedication - Positive working attitude" to all workers and employees of THACO. 
He said that in the time of 4.0 industrial revolution, THACO set a strategy to become a multidisciplinary industry group with mechanical and automotive as key sectors. At the same time, THACO will base on its strength of mechanics industrial governance experience to develop other strategic production and business sectors such as agriculture ; construction, transport, industrial and urban investment; logistics and trade - service.
In 2019, THACO strives to achieve the minimum sales target of 110 thousand vehicles, including 75,000 tourist cars, 35,000 trucks and buses of all kinds; in which, export of 1,400 semi-trailers and 350 buses. The company also continues to invest and upgrade automobile assembly plants in the direction of automation, digital applications in the administration to mass production. In addition, THACO will invest in agricultural development under the model of industrial production with large output, safe quality by mechanics and automation

Translator: Nhat Ha

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