The national product and goods traceability portal to put into operation in 2020
The national product and goods traceability portal to put into operation in 2020 (16/02/2019)
The project of deploying, applying and managing the he traceability system, vision to 2020 has been approved by the Prime Minister at the Decision No. 100/QĐ-TTg.
The project aims to complete the system of legal regulations, documents and guidelines on traceability; promote socialization of activities of traceability to serve international integration and improve the efficiency of state management, ensuring the quality and safety of products and goods; raise the awareness of the society, agencies, organizations and enterprises on traceability through promoting activities of propagation, dissemination and training...
Until 2020, reviewing documents and regulations on management, implementation and handling of violations of traceability; build and promulgate at least 5 national standards, 1 national technical regulation on traceability; deploy and apply the traceability system for a number of domestic groups of products and goods such as agricultural, forestry and aquatic products, foodstuffs and medicines; build and put into operation the national product and goods traceability portal.
Until 2025, basically improve the system of documents and regulations on management and application and handling of violations of traceability, build at least 30 national standards and 2 national technical regulations on traceability; at least 30% of enterprises operating in the field of production, business and services using codes and barcodes in Vietnam have traceability systems applying national and international standards; improve and upgrade the national product traceability portal, connecting 100% traceability systems of ministries and agencies...
Until 2030, completing the national product and goods traceability portal, ensuring the demand for information exchange and exploitation of domestic and international enterprises, organizations and individuals; perfecting the management and updating system of domestic and international product and goods databases.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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