Quang Nam arranges education and training apparatus
Quang Nam arranges education and training apparatus (26/02/2019)
On February 21th, Vice Chairman Le Van Thanh chaired the meeting with the Department of Education and Training on arranging the provincial education and training apparatus at the Central Resolution.
Quang Nam now has 776 public schools with 320,253 students. Their facilities have been invested strongly. Quang Nam has 502 national standard schools, accounting for 60.9%. With this rate, Quang Nam continues keeping its first ranking in building national standards schools in the Central Coastal provinces. 
However, the network of preschools and high schools still remain shortcomings and limitations. Facilities of some preschools and primary schools in the mountainous areas don't are not guaranteed for teaching and learning, causing difficulties in arranging managers and teachers, especially in professional activities, affecting the quality of education.
By 2020-2021, Quang Nam will reduce 47 schools, including 7 kindergartens, 39 primary schools and 13 secondary schools; increase 12 secondary schools and highschools. The arrangement will be carried out each year and each stage, ensuring the quantity and quality of the staff and the conditions of facilities and teaching equipment.
At the meeting, Vice Chairman Le Van Thanh emphasized that the rearrangement of schools and classrooms must close with the arrangement of education managers, teachers and staff, ensuring economical and efficient use of resources and contributing to improving the quality of education. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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