Prime Minister launches Vietnam health programme
Prime Minister launches Vietnam health programme (27/02/2019)
On the occasion of Vietnamese Doctors’ Day on February 27, the Ministry of Health organized a ceremony to launch the Vietnam Health Programme. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the ceremony and launched the programme.
The event is connected online with 63 provinces and cities and more than 700 districts, towns and cities across the country.
The program which will be implemented nationwide aims to raise responsibility of authorities at all levels, ministries, branches, localities and social organizations to protect and improve public health.
Many activities took place at the ceremony such as: physical fitness being broadcast online to 700 district, healthy consulting, blood pressure measurement, blood sugar test and so on. 
At the launch ceremony, Mr. Phuc extended his greetings and best wishes to doctors and health workers nationwide. He said that health is the most precious property of every citizen and the whole society. Uncle Ho said that: "Keeping democracy, constructing a country, creating a new life all need good health. Every weak person means a weak country, every strong person means a healthy country."
Prime Minister Phuc underlined the importance of promoting sports and physical exercises in schools, offices, businesses, and society. He called for greater use of public spaces for physical exercise. According to the assessment of the World Health Organization and many other international organizations, Vietnam now is better in ife expectancy, infant mortality rate, disease control, and effectiveness of treatment than other developing countries or even some developed countries. 
Speaking at the event, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc praised the public healthcare sector’s continuous progress and pointed out its shortcomings. The downside of industrialization, urbanization, globalization, older population and climate change are causing serious consequences, including habitat pollution, behavioral factors, high risks of disease. 70% of annual deaths are non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease. 
The Government leader noted that, despite high average life expectancy, Vietnamese people generally have to live with diseases for roughly 10 years in their life, meaning a decline in life quality. Their physical stature has also improved little over the past few years, he added. The average height of Vietnamese is 164.5 cm for males and 153 cm for females and has only increased by 3 cm after 25 years.
The PM called for intensified awareness campaigns on healthcare, particularly the need for a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercises, no smoking, limited alcohol drinking, and regular health check-ups.
It's necessary to provide essential health care services for people to early detect illnesses, especially for those suffering from chronic diseases and the elderly. 
Encouraging production and business organization, providing safe and nutritious food. Pay attention to the school nutrition program, school milk, reduce the rate of malnutrition, especially stunted children.
Promoting physical training in the education system.  Creating conditions to encourage people to use public spaces, physical training and sports facilities

Translator: Nhat Ha

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