VTV International Children's Festival 2019 to be hold in Quang Nam
VTV International Children's Festival 2019 to be hold in Quang Nam (19/03/2019)
On March 19th, Vice Chairman Le Van Thanh and leaders of relevant departments worked with representatives of Vietnam Television to discuss the production of "VTV International Children's Festival" in Quang Nam Province.
The 2019 VTV International Children's Festival  is expected to take place from May 25 to June 3 in Quang Nam. Nam Hoi An VinPearlLand is chosen to hostfocal events. This year's event will attract the participation of 8 groups of children from the following countries: Russian Federation, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Srilanka, Kazakhstan, Vietnam.
The Vietnam Television wanted Quang Nam to support on human resources, artisans to participate in the reception, the activities of the event as well as participating in construction, of which focus on preparing for the Gala Festival event on May 31. VTV  also wants the province to actively coordinate with the unit in inviting guests and representatives of the province as well as preparing some other necessary technical equipment conditions for the event.
Mr. Thanh agreed with VTV's International Children's Festival plan and will actively create all necessary conditions for the event. He required relevant units, especially the Department of Culture - Sports - Tourism, Hoi An city to take the initiative in preparing human resources to participate in reception activities, artisans participating perform at the event to ensure highlighting local cultural colors. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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