Quang Nam launches free ginseng garden tour
Quang Nam launches free ginseng garden tour (22/03/2019)
Quang Nam has introduced a free tour to the local Ngoc Linh-Tak Ngo ginseng garden.
The garden located at Tra Linh Commune, Nam Tra My District will offer visitors more options when coming to Quang Nam. Ho Quang Buu, chairman of Nam Tra My District, said that Ngoc Linh was home to a very old forest. The place also has Ngoc Linh ginseng. Many tourists to Quang Nam have expressed their interest in exploring Ngoc Linh ginseng garden. However, they have not yet been allowed to go there due to security concerns.
The province has decided to officially launch a free tour to the area. The 85-hectare garden is divided into three areas. Among those, 11 hectares will be for tourism services; five hectares will be for scientific research and the remainder will be for ginseng plantation.
The tour is a chance for visitors to see the ginseng development process.
Tourists need to contact Ngoc Linh Ginseng Centre in Nam Tra My District to have tour guides for the trip. Initially, the tour is free, but in the future, local authorities would consider charging. Buu noted that the garden is expected to welcome 45,000-50,000 visitors this year.

Source: VOV

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