Restructuring the agricultural sector strongly
Restructuring the agricultural sector strongly (26/03/2019)
After 5 years of restructuring the agricultural sector, the economic structure shifted towards a positive direction. The value of agricultural production (2013-2018) increased by an average of 5.1% / year.
For the past years, Quang Nam has implemented key tasks on restructuring investment through mechanisms and policies to promote the strengths of each sub-sector and each product; promote cooperation andvreorganization of production; promote application of scientific and technological advances.Quang Nam achieved many positive results. For 5 years, the proportion of agriculture has decreased, the proportion of forestry and fisheries has been increased (in 2013, the proportion of agriculture, forestry and fisheries was 65.62% - 6.59%. In 2018, the portition is 61,48 % - 8,89 % - 29,63 %). The value of agricultural production (2013-2018) increased by an average of 5.1% / year. 
These changes has contributed to increasing the value of crop production, from 65 million VND / ha in 2013 to 80 million VND/ha in 2018. From the 2013-2014 winter-spring crop, the total area converted from paddy land to produce vegetables is 4,429 ha. The production of conversion areas are more effective than rice production. 
In addition, Quang Nam has more than 140 large fields with more than 6,000ha/year. Many effective production models are implemented in the direction of linking 4 houses, improving productivity and creating more jobs with higher income. Until 2018, The type of crop is so abundant, focusing mainly on valuable plants with special values ​​such as: production of rice, peanut, ornamental flower, sticky notes Huong gourd, lotus seed, fruit tree, clean vegetable...
The production value of the livestock industry has continuously increased over the years, the average period of 2013-2018 reached 8.72% / year (in 2013 it was VND 1,580 billion, expected to reach VND 2,400 billion in 2018). Currently, Quang Nam has 2 forms of livestock production, including oursourcing for enterprises and cooperating with enterprises as a cooperatives. 
To enhance the value of production forests, Quang Nam has implemented the criteria of sustainable forest management (FSC) for afforestation projects, covering 3,019 ha. Promote land lease, forest environment, forest allocation to organizations and individuals,...Seafood production has increased steadily over the years, which increased by 1.2 times compared to 2013. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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