Quang Nam annouces the adjustment plan of Chu Lai OEZ by 2019, vision to 2050
Quang Nam annouces the adjustment plan of Chu Lai OEZ by 2019, vision to 2050 (29/03/2019)
PPC has just announced the adjustment plan of constructing Chu Lai OEZ by 2019, vision to 2050, which was approved by the Government at the Decision No. 1737/QĐ-TTg dated December 13th, 2018.

According to the Decision, Chu Lai OEZ will be a multi-sector economic zone, one of the developed centers in the Central Region, the center of automotive industry,  high-tech agriculture and tourist service...

In addition, it is one of the key transport, trade and international exchanges of the Central and Highland and plays an important role in national security.

Chu Lai OEZ will cover an area of 27,000 ha and includes Nui Thanh Town and communes of Tam Quang, Tam Hiep, Tam Hoa, Tam Anh Bac, Tam Anh Nam, Tam Tien, Tam Nghia, Tam Thanh, Tam Phu, Tam Thang, An Phu, Binh Hai, Binh Sa, Binh Nam, Binh Trung, Binh Tu, Binh Trieu, Binh Minh and Binh Dao.

The scale of land until 2025 is about 3,000 ha of industrial construction land; 5,000 ha of urban functional areas, tourism and services. By 2035, the industrial construction land will be 5,010ha. The land for urban, tourist and service functional areas will be about 7,000 ha.

By 2025, the population will be 250,000 people and 550,000 people by 2035.

The North Chu Lai Industrial Park, Tam Anh Industrial Park, Tam Hiep industrial park and Tam Thang Industrial Park are also adjusted to the planning. The ports and logistics area such as Ky Ha wharf, Tam Hiep wharf in Tam Hoa, Tam Tien and Tam Thanh area also adjusted.

In the future, Chu Lai will have 3 3 cities equivalent to grade 2 cities, including Nui Thanh, Tam Anh and Dong Tam Ky.

After announcing, PPC also handed over the dossier in accordance with the Planning Law for localities, including 3 districts, cities and 20 communes and towns


Translator: Nhat Ha

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