PM meets former leaders of Quang Nam
PM meets former leaders of Quang Nam (30/03/2019)
On March 23th, on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of re-establishment of Quang Nam province (1997 - 2019) and 44 years of Liberation Day in Quang Nam province (March 24, 1975-24 March, 2019), PM attended the meeting with the former leader of Quang Nam from 1997.
At the meeting, the Prime Minister expressed his deep gratitude to the former leaders of Quang Nam for the last time. The also informed the socio-economic situation of the whole country. The Prime Minister stressed the role of party members in overcoming difficulties and shortage. 
He wished former leaders to continue to be the best example of contribution to the country. The Prime Minister affirmed do his best, along with the political system to make the country develop strongly and improve people's lives.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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