Quang Nam Business Association deploys tasks in 2019
Quang Nam Business Association deploys tasks in 2019 (30/03/2019)
On March 22nd, PPC and Quang Nam Business Association organized a conference to deploy the operation plan in 2019 and the workshop "USA-China trade war: Challenges for Vietnamese enterprises".
The conference aims to support Quang Nam enterprises to develop in the time of international economic integration time. 
At the conference, Mr. Pham Quoc Hung, Vice Chairman of Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee implemented a number of activities, including building up the organizational structure for the Association, meeting enterprises periodly, offering training courses, organizing the Start-up contest.. 
Also on this occasion, the National Citizen Commercial Joint Stock Bank (NCB) on Friday signed agreements with the Business Association of Quảng Nam Province and VN Đà Thành Group to strengthen co-operation and expand business activities. Speaking at the signing ceremony, NCB’s deputy general director Nguyễn Đình Tuấn said the bank would accompany Quảng Nam Business Association to promote trade connection and sponsorship activities in the central region and Đà Nẵng City. In addition, NCB would also support customers who have production facilities in Chu Lai, Quảng Nam to expand the business network in this province. Trần Quốc Bảo, chairman of the provincial Business Association affirmed this signing ceremony was an opportunity for the association’s member enterprises to expand the network of customers, access finance as well as other services of NCB in order to grow stronger in the future.
In addition, Quang Nam  organized a seminar themed "The US-China Trade War: Opportunities - Challenges for Vietnamese enterprises". The keynote speakers presented about The evolution of the US-China trade war, the context of globalization and international trade conflict; The US-China war on trade and other issues; The direct cause of the US-China trade war; The impact of US trade war - Central to Vietnam's economy ...

Translator: Nhat Ha

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