New regulations on using the State budget
New regulations on using the State budget (31/03/2019)
The Ministry of Finance issued the Circular No. 12/2019/TT-BTC regulating the cost of using the state budget. This Circular will take effect from May 1st, 2019.
The central budget and the provincial budget when making advances and loans from the State funds have to pay the periodical expenses for the use of the state funds with the rate 0,1%/month on the 10th of the consecutive month.
The cost of using the State funds  = Balance of loans or advance x (0,10% : 30) x days of loans or advances. 
In which, days of loans or advances are calculated from the date of capital withdrawal or the first day of the month to the end of the last day of the month. 
In case of overdue loans or advances, the Central budget and provincial budget must pay a fee equal to 150% of the loan. The cost of using State funds shall be determined as follows:
Expenses for using the overdue state budget = Balance of overdue loans and advances x (0,10% : 30)x 150% x days of overdue. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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