Glyphosate officially be removed fromagricultural production in Vietnam
Glyphosate officially be removed fromagricultural production in Vietnam (17/04/2019)
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued the Decision No. 1186/QĐ-BNN-BVTV on on the proposed removal of pesticides containing the active ingredient glyphosate from the list of pesticides allowed for use in Vietnam.
This Decision will come into force 60 days from the day of signing the Decision. From June 9th 2019, Glyphosate will not be imported into Vietnam. From June 9th 2020, pesticides containing Glyphosate will not be used in Vietnam. The roadmap allows continued usage and trading of already-imported glyphosate for up to a year.
Removing glyphosate aims to protect human health, animals, the ecosystem and the environment and towards safe and sustainable agriculture production. 
In 2015, The International Agency for Research on Cancer and other research institutes, which belongs to the World Health Organization (WHO),  classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans” – group 2A that have potential causes of blood, lung, and prostate cancer . 
At the present, more than 40 countries worldwide   tightly  issued policies in managing and using Glyphosate: From stop renewing, limited usage, ban in agriculture and completely ban. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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