Consulting support services for SMEs
Consulting support services for SMEs (19/05/2019)
Ministry of Planning and Investment has promulgated the Circular No. 06/2019/TT-BKHDT providing instructions about organizational and operational rules of the network of consultants to small and medium-sized enterprises and support for providing consultancy to small and medium-sized enterprises through the network of consultants. Circular 06 shall come into effect since May 12, 2019.

The Circular sets forth regulations on support for providing consultancy to small and medium-sized enterprises, including the following tasks:

- Small and medium-sized enterprises choose consulting organizations or individuals in the network of consultants; 

- Receiving application documentation for support for providing consultancy;

- Granting approval of such support;

- Managing, supervising and assessing consultancy services provided to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ministries and Ministry-level agencies will develop software enabling organizations and individuals meeting prescribed requirements to submit applications online and automatically receive recognitions as members of the network of consultants. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises can search information about the network of consultants, including names of consulting organizations/individuals, registration numbers and competency documentation at:

- Electronic information portals of Ministries and Ministry-level agencies operating networks of consultants;

- National information portal of support for small and medium-sized enterprises.



Translator: Nhat Ha

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