Develop cooperatives under value chains
Develop cooperatives under value chains (25/05/2019)
On May 17th, Vietnam Women's Union and Quang Nam organized a workshop on solutions to develop cooperatives under value chains of credit and consumption.


Cooperative economy not only contribute to economic growth but also have humanity and positive impacting to social life.

By 2019, Vietnam has had 99,000 cooperatives, 73 cooperative unions and more than 22.7 thousand cooperatives, increased 322 cooperatives compared to the end of 2018; attract more than 7 million members and create permanent jobs for 2.5 million workers. The activities of cooperatives has created more jobs, higher income for members and workers, contributing positively to the construction of rural areas and agricultural restructuring in the localities.

Occurring some outstanding models, including: Quang Nam cooperates with Agiterra-Netherlands to build and develop cooperatives under value chain of clean rice, acacia, seed rice and clean pig; Binh Dịnh develop the value chain of peanut and coconut oils; Da Nang supports bamboo and rattan products.

However, cooperatives economy has still faced many difficulties.

only over 30% of communes have cooperatives operating effectively.  The development of cooperatives has not orresponded to the potential, not meeting the market's demand. Only 1% of cooperatives have access to capital. the management capacity of cooperatives is weak, state management on cooperatives has not been agreed. The income of labor in cooperatives is only 39% of the average income of the whole country.

To develop agriculture, build NTM, the requirement is to link businesses with more than 8 million production households in the agricultural sector. The linkage is not only in each stage, production chain, but also requires links with businesses, banks, scientific and technological applications.

At the workshop, delegates focused on discussing some contents such as: solutions to further strengthen and improve the capacity of cooperatives, proposing the State on developing cooperative economy and so on


Translator: Nhat Ha

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