Quang Nam held a conference on forestry sector
Quang Nam held a conference on forestry sector (29/05/2019)
On May 22th, Vice Chairman Le Tri Thanh chaired the conference of forestry sector. Attendees included Standing Deputy Secretary Le Van Dung and Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People's Council Vo Hong.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Thanh said that the work of forestry protection and management has achieved positive results, but still exists many problems and shortcoming, such as: Illegal deforestation and illegal exploitation of forest products; encroachment on natural forests; forest management is not strict; wildlife protection is not effective and so on.

He requested to focus on discussing and proposing solutions to solve problems and exists in managing and protect forests.

Reported at the conference, in 2018, the area of natural forests were increased 8.8 thousand ha compared to 2017. Many illegal deforestation, illegal trading, transporting, exploiting forestry and minerals were discovered and investigated in a timely manner. In addition, forest development has been paid attention to with many projects such as: BBC, KfW10 and Truong Son Xanh projects. The work of development and protection were participated by a lot of people. The forest coverage increased from 49.8% in 2014 to 57.38% in 2017 and 58.64% in 2018.

The force of forest protectors  has gradually improved both in quality and quantity. They had many positive and proactive advice for the executive committee, local authorities to perform the function of management of forests and forestry land

The conference also set out some key tasks in the coming time such as: promoting propaganda and raising awareness as well as responsibility of managing and protecting forests among the Party committee, department, authorities and local people; build and implement urgent projects to strengthen forest protection and development; promote land allocation, forest allocation, land lease and forest lease to households, individuals and communities to develop forestry economy; improve the effectiveness of coordination regulations among sectors and local authorities on forest management, protection; strengthening measures to patrol and control to prevent and repel violations in forest protection and development.



Translator: Nhat Ha

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