Efforts made to prevent spread of African swine fever in Quang Nam
Efforts made to prevent spread of African swine fever in Quang Nam (31/05/2019)
Quang Nam has taken drastic steps in order to prevent the African swine fever (ASF) from becoming a large-scale epidemic in the locality, according to Le Tri Thanh, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee.
Quang Nam province has provided supplies of disinfectants around localities in the region and set up quarantine checkpoints to strictly monitor the transport of pigs and pork products and prevent the further spreading of the outbreak.  
After the province was hit by two outbreaks in the communes of Duy Hai and Duy Nghia in Duy Xuyen district on May 17, the epidemic has since spread to the district of Thang Binh and the commune of Dien Ban.
Currently, 115 pigs belonging to pig-farming households in the districts of Duy Xuyen and Thang Binh have been culled in line with current regulations.
Veterinary workers have also been forced to destroy a further 51 pigs belonging to a small household in Viem Minh street, Dien Ngoc ward, Dien Ban district.
Thanh noted that the wide-scale spread of the ASF in the locality can be attributed to feeding leftover food to pigs, food being brought in from workers on key projects in the eastern region, and people travelling from the north.
The Vice Chairman said the provincial People’s Committee has directed relevant units and localities to come up with plans in order to prevent the ASF epidemic from spreading and have worked alongside the Ministry of Transport to stop the transport of pigs and pork products on highways.
He called on all relevant agencies to spray disinfectants on a large scale, advised residents to report any possible outbreaks to the local authorities in a timely manner, and requested that infected pigs are culled in line with existing regulations.

Source: VOV

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