Quang Nam finds solutions to restore and renovate Japan Bridge
Quang Nam finds solutions to restore and renovate Japan Bridge (26/06/2019)
On June 13th, Vice Chairman Tran Van chaired the meeting with Hoi An's People Committee and related departments on the management and preservation of the Japan Bridge.
As reported, the management and preservation of cultural relics and heritage in the city are facing many difficulties. The pressures of population, density, and population composition in urban areas increase rapidly. It is difficult to control, especially in Ancient Town.   In addition, the infrastructure of tourism routes is overloaded and degraded. 
The Japan Bridge is at risk of degradation because of increasing pressure. On average, the Cau Pagoda receives a large number of located right in the flooded area of ​​Hoi An. 
At the meeting, Hoi An People's Committee proposed PPC to support Hoi An in working with ministries and central units for approving some preserving mechanism. 
At present, Hoi An regulated the number of visitors to the Japan Bridge (no more than 20 people pẻ time). Hoi An also proposed to invite Japanese experts to participate in the process of restoration. 
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Tan determined that this is a very urgent issue not only of Hoi An city but also of the whole province. He assigned the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to complete the settlement procedures promptly. The People's Committee of Hoi An city assigned to set up an investment project to restore and upgrade the Japan Bridge. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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