Making financial plans for 2021-2025
Making financial plans for 2021-2025 (28/06/2019)
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has signed Directive No. 17/CT-TTg requesting ministries and branches to evaluate the implementation of financial plans from 2016-2020 and designing financial plans for the next five-year period of 2021-2025.

Accordingly, the PM requested the assessment of the implementation of the 2016-2020 financial plans, with a focus on evaluating the revenue collection and collection structure of the state budget (by the sector and decentralization); budget expenditures and the spending structure (development investment expenditures, regular expenditures, etc.); state budget deficit; public debt; government debt and external debt; the mobilization of domestic and foreign loans; and the mobilization and distribution of resources between 2016-2020.

The Government leader also directed the evaluation of the implementation of five-year financial plans of provinces and centrally-run cities, while reviewing the main outcomes concerning finance – state budget in each locality, such as total budget revenues and the collection structure annually and in the five-year period.

In addition, localities are asked to specifically assess the equitization and sale of state capital at enterprises within their respective management scopes during 2016-2020.

The PM requested designing national financial plans for 2021-2025 in accordance with provisions of the law, including forecasting the domestic and global economic and financial situations that affect the ability to mobilize and the demand for using financial-state budget resources between 2021- 2025.

The Government leader assigned the Ministry of Finance (MoF), in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the State Bank of Viet Nam and the ministries and branches concerned, to develop national financial plans for 2021-2025 and submit them to the authorised agencies for consideration and decision. 


The MoF was also asked to coordinate with relevant agencies to collect the needs of enterprises and public non-business units on Government-guaranteed loans and repayment, and foreign loans on-lent by the Government, in order to build five-year guarantee quota and five-year on-lent loan quota and report them to the National Assembly for decision.

PM also asked for develop the provincial financial plan during the period 2021-2025, including forecasting the economic situation, finance, major socio-economic targets in the locality , the growth of the manufacturing sectors, , the growth of the manufacturing sectors.



Translator: Nhat Ha

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