Improve clean water management in the rural
Improve clean water management in the rural (30/06/2019)
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued the documentary on tasks and solutions to improve the management of clean water in the rural.
The localities are requested to review the condition of clean water systems, including all damaged, inactive ones. 
The Ministry also requested to evaluate the models of management and operation in the localities. To continue to expand the model that is good and effective. To transfer to the capable and experienced enterprises which are ineffective. 
Regularly check the water quality of the household. Introduce some equipment and technology of pumping, conducting, collecting water, storing water at a low cost. 
Promote the socialization of rural water supply in some regions such as the Red River Delta, Mekong River Delta, and coastal areas. 
Propaganda and call for people to use clean water to ensure community health and pay for water using to ensure the operation of sustainable operation. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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