The cultural festival of the mountainous ethnic youth
The cultural festival of the mountainous ethnic youth (30/06/2019)
On June 10th, the provincial Youth Union and Vietnam Youth Union held the cultural festival of the mountainous ethnic youth 2019. Attendees included Vice Chairman Le Tri Thanh, Standing Vice Chairman Nguyen Phuoc Khanh of the Provincial Commission for Public Relations, Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union Pham Thi Thanh.
The festival aims to promote the traditional cultural education in the trend of international integration, introduce cultural values ​​of localities, train life skills and create a playground for young people of mountainous ethnic groups, contributing to strengthening security and safe orders, maintaining political security and social order and safety.
At the festival, the Provincial Youth Union  and Vietnam Youth Union Association handed over the youth project "Lighting countryside with solar energy", "Youth flower basin" and the "children's play area" to households at Thanh My villages; presented 30 gifts to poor people and 10 bikes to disadvantaged children in the district; presented gifts to 45 youth households to live at Thanh My Youth village. 
On this occasion, people enjoyed many cultural performances which are full of joy, excited, and amazing. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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