Vietnam is 15th most populous country in the world
Vietnam is 15th most populous country in the world (23/07/2019)
On July 11th, the Central Population and Housing Census Steering Committee held the online conference on dissmination of preliminary results of the 2019 vietnam population and housing Cencus, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue - Chairman of the Steering Committee chaired the conference.

Preliminary results of the 2019 census show that as of April 1st 2019, total population of Vietnam reached 96,208,984 people. Home to more than 96 million people, Vietnam has become the world’s 15th most populous nation and the third in Southeast Asia. the country’s population expanded by 10.4 million as compared to a decade ago, and the average growth rate was 1.14 percent per year while the figure was 1.18 percent for 1999-2009.

Vietnam has been very successful in its efforts to strengthen gender equality in many areas. The living conditions of residents are significantly increased.

After ten years, Vietnam’s population increased by 10 million people, however, the growth rate slightly fell compared to the period before 2019, scaling up the urban population to 33 million people, or 34.4% of the total.

IN Quang Nam, e total population is 1,495,812 people, increasing 73,493 people compared to 2009. Of which the male population accounts for 49.2%; The urban population accounts for 25.4%, an increase of 115,445 people compared to 2009.


Translator: Nhat Ha

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