Quang Nam Social Insurance promotes administrative reform
Quang Nam Social Insurance promotes administrative reform (25/07/2019)
For the past years, Quang Nam Social Insurance has paid attention to promoting administrative procedures at all levels to better serve organizations, businesses and individuals in participating and resolving social, health and unemployment insurance benefits under the Law.
Quang Nam Social Insurance has strictly implemented the procedures for social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance under Vietnam Social Insurance Policies (Decision No. 595, QD No. 636, Decision No. 828, Decision No. 999, Decision No. 838, ...)
Administrative processes and procedures are publicly posted at the one-stop department of all levels and on the provincial Social Insurance website. Time to resolve administrative procedures on social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance ensured under regulations. The rate of results returning is 95%. 
The procedure of receiving administrative procedures includes three ways: electronic transactions, public postal services, receiving directly at the department. Most of the records are implemented by online transactions. The files for short-term regimes has not been applied much due to difficulties in transferring paper documents to electronic ones. 
Giving results is carried out in two forms: Through public postal services and directly given at the department. 
In 2018 there were 251,950 records; in which: receiving via e-transactions: 115,672 records (46%), receiving through public postal services: 12,195 records (5%), directly receiving: 124,083 records (49%). The first 6 months of 2019 is 133,313 records; in which: receiving via electronic transactions: 67,450 records (50.6%), received through public postal services: 3,886 dossiers (3.0%), directly received: 61,977 files (46, 4%).
By the end of December 2018, 100% of health insurance facilities were connected to data. The rate of transferring medical examination and treatment data to the electronic system within the day was 83.74%. This number in June 2019 was 89.51%.
At the same time, Social Insurance publicized telephone numbers and addresses to receive feedback and suggestions from people and enterprises on administrative procedures. Quang Nam Social Insurance at all levels work seriously on every Saturday morning to receive and resolve files of people and businesses.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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