Building an information system to operate reservoirs
Building an information system to operate reservoirs (28/07/2019)
On July 26th, Mr. Trang Quang Hoai - General Director of Vietnam Disaster Management Authority, Vice Chairman Le Tri Thanh and other Quang Nam's leaders worked with Kyuden Innovatech (Japan) on the project: Building an information system intergrated with reservoirs for Vu Gia - Thu Bon River under Japanese technology.
This project aims to o improve safety, protect lives and property of people in the area that was affected by dam operation as well as improve operational efficiency by saving water. 
The information system for the inter-reservoir operation has a server centre of Kyushu Electric Corporation - Japan. The server includes operational database and computational analysis functions for dam reservoirs in the inter-reservoir basin. Each reservoir in the basin has a computer program designed specifically for that dam and software to control the flow. Monitoring devices for dams can combine with the Vietnamese weather data system and connect with HNT program at the same time to transmit monitoring data in real-time. The operational information of dams in the inter-reservoir basin is transmitted via an Internet connection using a virtual network VPN. 
The operation of reservoirs will be sent back to the Kyushu server. The operational information from individual reservoirs will be used to calculate the flow changes in the rivers and interaction affects among activities in the system. The hydrological status at the reservoirs will be sent directly to users via SMS or Email. By combining flow forecasting and load forecasting, this integrated operational information system will help hydropower plants improve their operational efficiency.
In general, the participants appreciated the objectives and feasibility of the system. At present, Song Tranh 2 and A Vuong has tested this system. However, we cannot evaluate the effectiveness of the project because of no flood in the province in 2018. 
Speaking at the meeting, Vice-Chairman Le Tri Thanh highly appreciated the feasibility of the project. Mr Le Tri Thanh requested Kyuden Innovatech Vietnam Company to receive proposals from representatives of hydropower management and improve the project. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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