Thang Binh implemented the OCOP program 2019
Thang Binh implemented the OCOP program 2019 (30/07/2019)
Thang Binh's People Committee has just issued the implementation plan for the OCOP program in 2019.
The OCOP program in Thang Binh aims to develop production and business models to produce more agricultural products, tourism services, contributing to the development of the rural economy. The development of production in rural areas will contribute to promoting the restructuring of rural labor protecting the environment and preserving and developing the regional society. 
In 2019, the OCOP program in Thang Binh will develop 6 products, including: 
- The group of food: Truong Giang Huong Lan sticky rice, Truong Giang Black sesame oil, dried Salanganes Nest, Huong Hue rice paper, Ms Co cereal. 
- The group of handicraft: Tan Hieu incentive
These above products have been tested and developed under the provincial OCOP program.
Develop and get 3-star standard for 2 products, including: 
- Cao che Vang 
- Cu Khe fish sauce
Upgrade 3-star products to get higher standard. 
100% of registered participants are committed to producing under food safety regulations. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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