A 3D digital exhibition "Hoang Sa, Truong Sa - Historic and legal envidence"
A 3D digital exhibition "Hoang Sa, Truong Sa - Historic and legal envidence" (31/07/2019)
On July 31st, the Deparment of Information and Communication held a meeting on the 3D digital exhibition "Hoang Sa, Truong Sa - Historic and legal envidence".
After discussing, the organization committee agreed to hold this exhibition at Nui Thanh High School ( Nui Thanh district); Tran Cao Van High School (Tam Ky); Tieu La High School (Thang Binh district); from October 2 to 4. The exhibition program has the following main activities: Presentation of digital exhibitions on LED screens / computers / televisions; exchange sessions on maritime and island sovereignty ...
The digital exhibition is developed based on 3D virtual reality technology which allows viewers to explore materials in virtual space like real (model of Hoang Sa fleet, Statue Bac Hai radio station, naval ships, marine police ships ...). In addition to sound, this technology  allows viewers to interact directly like zooming , shrink ...
Participants will experience 3D digital compass which shows the system of islands belonging to Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagos. They can directly interact to learm more about Hoang Sa and Truong Sa. 
There will be a system of questions related to the sea and islands in this exhibition. They will help participants understand the issues of natural resources and the marine environment; the sea and island space of the country; national sovereignty....
In particular, at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the Organizing Committee will organize an exchange program between students and  experts on issues related to the sea, islands and sovereignty of Vietnam to the two archipelagos of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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