Reduce plastic waste in healthcare sector
Reduce plastic waste in healthcare sector (18/08/2019)
On August 16th, the Ministry of Health held an online conference entitled “Deployment of Plastic Waste Reduction in the Health Sector” to call for all involved in the health sector to join hands in environmental protection by limiting plastic waste. In Quang Nam, Vice Chairman Le Van Thanh attended the conference.
In line with the PM’s instruction, the MoH on July 29 issued Directive No.08/CT-BYT on decreasing plastic waste in the sector.
Plastic waste is a global problem, causing bad impacts to the environment, sustainable development and human health. This issue requires the collaboration of all levels, sectors, socio-political organisations and the community. In April, the prime minister issued Document No.161/LDCP, calling on political organisations, ministries, agencies from central to the local levels, associations, businesses, and the community to reduce plastic waste.
In the health sector alone, plastic waste was created from different activities such as daily work of medical workers and patients, wrappings, production and trade. Tiến confirmed that the plastic items could be replaced with other safe and environment-friendly ones if all workers in the health sector and people worked together.
The health minister asked medical facilities and health departments nationwide o focus on raising awareness and changing the behaviour of using plastic bags and other single-use products among health workers, patients and patients' family members. Disposable bags, bottles, cups, bowls or plates should be limited.
The MoH required to list the norms of reducing plastic waste as working regulations in the health sector and train all medical workers on the issue.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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